Contract manufacturer in China

We offer several OEM contract manufacturing services in China, These include:

Plastic mold, die/tooling, metal parts, plastic parts, post manufacturing service, Optical Scanning / Rapid FAIR / Reverse Engineering, manual assembly, packing and delivery.

As a good contract manufacturer China, We have always been a time-consuming process. While automated measurement has come a long way since the first programmable CMMs and comparators of the early ’80s, most systems have lacked the level of detail and the level of accuracy needed to truly replace a human metrologist. They have also tended to be complex to use from a procedural standpoint, with often tedious calibration, alignment, and programming requirements.

After extensive research, we found an exception to the rule, and invested in a GOM (Gesellschaft für Optische Messtechnik) ATOS II s.o. 3-D optical scanner for non-contact metrology. The system shines patterns of ‘structured’ light onto an object, then uses the resulting lines of contrast with high precision binocular cameras to accurately triangulate surface and feature positions. Our custom part fixtures can often enable the scanning of all important part surfaces in a single fixturing setup.

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Our system is equipped with an efficient software interface for planning and capturing scan data, and includes a six-axis automation enclosure to capture data from many angles. For scanning a typical part, we perform anywhere from 15 to 45 scans. Our software tools automatically align and merge the scan data, and perform a best-fit alignment to an imported CAD database. This eliminates a significant amount of time and labor in performing a scan, and also avoids many opportunities for error.

contract manufacturer China

Additional software tools enable us to perform detailed comparisons between scanned part and data base, or among several scanned parts. In addition to a compiled report in .PDF format, we can also provide an .STL file of the scan data, or an interactive .SESSION file that can be interrogated in depth by the requesting engineer using a free downloadable program.

We have also added some powerful data post-processing services. These include reverse engineering of the scan data to create an fully editable parametric CAD file in either a generic format or a program specific version such as Pro/ENGINEER, and the ability to perform a Rapid FAIR analysis, automatically generating a First Article Inspection Report across multiple parts based on the customer’s supplied 3-D design file and 3-D GD&T tolerances.

Moldflow Simulation

We can provide Moldflow simulation to help evaluate new parts prior to tooling investment, and can also provide simulation support in cases where existing parts are not behaving as desired. Customers can use this information to determine whether the most likely causes are tooling, material, process, supplier, or design issues, and evaluate the effect of a proposed correction.

Moldflow can be used to determine confidence of fill for a part design, quantify and display shrinkage behavior, determine which of several materials will provide the lowest warpage, highlight weld lines and other stress areas with reduced part strength, and estimate the cycle time required for plastic molding parts.

If valid design data is available, a basic series of simulation runs can be completed in a few hours to a few days. Issues with the quality of the CAD database (will not regenerate, submerged or orphaned elements, slivers) can prevent automatic mesh generation and increase the time required for a simulation. We can work with designers to help validate data, and create efficient models for analysis.

Project Management

Occasionally our customers have projects which involve multiple suppliers, or evolve over multiple stages. In these situations we often provide project management services, coordinating a series of activities to ensure our customers’ needs are met. This makes use of our project management, purchasing, and technical skills, and gives our customers a single point of control.

Typical examples are where a business wants to produce a limited batch (i.e. 10-100 units) of a conceptual product for technology demonstration or marketing purposes. These projects can start from ‘scratch’, or may involve re-purposing elements from an existing product, combined with new off-the-shelf all in one service from part design prototype, mold, die and tooling manufacturing, massive production, testing, assembly, packing and delivery to your storage house on the world.

Five advantages of plastic injection mold technology

Plastic injection mold is an efficient and quick technique for creating a big range of plastic components and parts. It is one of the most general choices for producing plastic parts because of its ease of use and best performance. Here are 5 advantages of using a PS injection molding for producing top-standard parts:

Complex and intricate shapes

The PS injection molding plastic method makes it possible to make the highly intricate and complex shapes. The plastic located in the mold is put under an extreme level of force, which makes it a lot simpler to make the parts with amazing details. This molding process is more successful than other choices because of the high force and makes it a lot more affordable to produce hard shapes.

plastic injection mold
plastic injection mold

High efficiency

The real process of molding is quick and efficient. Once the mold has been built to the customer’s specific requirements, the creation of the component does not take that much time. Plus, the efficient nature of this molding method means it is capable to make the parts in a single piece. The quick production output means the full process is a lot more cost-effective than substitute choices in the market.

Improved strength

This kind of molding makes it easy to use fillers in the injected material to help raise durability and strength. This is helpful in fields that need the most durable parts that cannot be created by the substitute molding processes.

Use different plastics simultaneously

An important advantage of using the injection mold method is the capability to use several kinds of plastic at the same time. By co-injection the mold material it is possible to use the favored type of plastic that is fully customized and provides the preferred texture and strength.

Cut manufacturing costs

The mechanical process of injection mold means it is extremely cost-effective and mainly operates using machines and robotics. The work is simply supervised by one controller, which helps to cut back on overheads and producing costs. Also, the automated nature of the production means the parts are generated to an extreme right standard on the first attempt which will cut back on a lot of waste material. The top accuracy level is achieved with the help of the new and computer-aided design and computer-aided manufacturing techniques. Once the parts are released from the injection mold it has a top-standard finish and looks much like the finished article with no additional work needed.

Plsatic Injection molding Company

Established in the year 2005, we, HYX MOLD., is one of the Plastic Injection Molding Company that manufacturers, suppliers, and exporters of Plstic molds, plastic molded parts, CNC machining parts, 3D printing parts,water level control systems. Proper use of raw material such as stainless steel and plastic parts has enabled us to manufacture our products as per international quality standards. These precisely engineered products are high in demand due to negligible maintenance and high performance. Further, we are also engaged in selling and purchasing new as well as used plastic machines. According to the need of clients, we also source machines from any part of the world.

Plastic Mold
Plastic Mold

We are backed by a robust manufacturing unit that is equipped with drilling, grinding and cutting machines. Our professionals are well-versed with the operations of these machines and help us in producing products as per the requirements of our respected clients. Further, we provide regular training to our professionals so that they can undertake refurbishing and retrofitting of injection molding machines with ease and accuracy.

We are headed by our chairman Mike Zheng, whose business insight has enabled us to establish strong presence in the market. Owing to his 11 years of immense industry experience and in-depth knowledge, we have garnered huge clientele in China.

Service Portfolio

Apart from manufacturing water level control systems, we also provide various services to our clients. These services are undertaken by experts, who use latest tools & equipment to assure timely execution of these services. Our continuum of services is appreciated by clients not only for flexibility but also for reliability.

We offer following services:

Apart from the above mentioned services, we are also engaged in selling and purchasing of new and used plastic machines.

Our Manufacturing Unit

Our state-of-the-art manufacturing unit that assists us in achieving organizational goals within short time frame. Fitted with modern machines and equipment, our manufacturing unit is spread over an area of 2,000 square feet and enables us to achieve massive production capacity of 500,000 units.

We use following machines at our manufacturing unit:

  • Cutting machine
  • Drilling machine
  • Grinding machine
  • CNC Machine
  • Injection Molding machine
  • Plastic mold making equipment

These machines help our professionals to manufacture products as per the specific requirements of our clients. Further, we regularly lubricate and oil these machines to maintain uniform rate of production.

Our Team

Our commendable position in the industry is the result of the perseverant efforts of our assiduous professionals. They work in sync with each other and make full use of optimum resources to manufacture flawless range of water level control system. Owing to the combined efforts of our professionals, we are able to fulfill ever increasing demands of various industries.

Our team includes:

  • Engineers
  • Technicians
  • Quality controllers
  • Research associates
  • Sales and marketing professional
  • Marketing representatives

These professionals assist us in producing products as per the specifications given by our clients. With the constant support of these professionals, we also provide refurbishing and retrofitting service for injection molding machines.

Research and Development

We gave developed a sophisticated research and development unit to manufacture technologically advanced range of water level control system. This unit helps our research associates to diversify our range of products. Our researchers conduct thorough research activities not only to find cost effective manufacturing techniques but also to improve the product’s design. Further, our researchers also carry out various market surveys to assure that our entire range is fairly priced in the domestic market. Due to the relentless efforts of our researchers, we always come out with the best solution to client’s problems.

Our Quality Assurance

Success of any organizational depends upon the quality of its products and services. We understand this and therefore, adhere to stringent quality norms while manufacturing water level control systems and executing retrofitting & refurbishing services. We have also appointed a team of quality experts, which assures that the stainless steel, plastic and other raw material are procured from trustworthy vendors of the industry. With the help of quality testing unit, our experts check the manufactured as well as sourced products on following parameters:

  • Durability
  • Test leakage
  • Tensile strength
  • Resistance to corrosion
  • Toughness
  • Electrical properties

Further, we also conduct leakage test on our range to assure the flow of best quality products from our premises.

Client Satisfaction

Gaining utmost satisfaction of our clients has always been our first priority therefore, we make sure that our range of water level control systems are manufactured as per their requirements. To assure that our range matches with desired quality norms, we make use of quality tested raw material such as stainless steel and plastic. We have also set up a modern research & development unit that helps us in catering to changing needs of our clients.

 We also maintain an efficient communication system so that the suggestions and opinions of clients can be used in enhancing the quality of our products. Further, we facilitate our clients with easy payment modes such as cash and demand draft so that our clients do not face any problem while conducting financial transactions with us.

Why Us?

Our presence in the industry has been possible due to our unrelenting efforts to meet the requirements of our clients. Following are some of the factors that enable us to stand apart from our competitors:

  • Use of tested raw material in manufacturing processes
  • Expertise & technical abilities to absorb fresh technologies
  • Modern infrastructure facility
  • Qualified team of professionals
  • Customized solutions

Injection Moulding

Injection Moulding

University professor Dr.-Ing. Christian Hopmann, now 42, will succeed Prof. Dr.-Ing. E.h. Walter Michaeli as head of the IKV(Institute of Plastics Processing), director of the Association of Sponsors of IKV and holder of the Chair of Plastic injection moulding Processing at RWTH Aachen University when the latter reaches retirement age next summer.

Hopmann studied mechanical engineering at RWTH Aachen University, with a particular focus on plastics processing, and received his doctorate in 2000. His study of ceramic injection moulding was in fact supervised by Prof. Michaeli. Hopmann was initially a research fellow at the IKV. Later, he headed its department of part design and materials technology. From 2001 to 2004, he was chief engineer and, in this capacity, also deputy director of the IKV. This background prepares him well for his future activities.

injection molding
injection molding

Between 2005 and late 2010, Hopmann worked in industry. At RKW AG Rheinische Kunststoffwerke (today, RKW SE), a leading European manufacturer of high-quality polyethylene and polypropylene films, nonwovens and nets, he served as head of quality management at RKW’s site in Petersaurach, Germany, and as chief of extrusion. Since the beginning of 2010, he had been managing director of RKW Sweden AB in Helsingborg.

Hopmann is looking forward to his new assignment at the IKV. “The special constellation of the institute, which is outstandingly networked not only in interdisciplinary research inside and outside RWTH but also in industrial joint research, is the basis for excellent academic teaching,” he says. “Caring for and expanding this is a major challenge and an honour which I am very pleased to accept.”

The IKV at RWTH Aachen University is a large research institute employing more than 300 people who work on problems encountered during the processing of many different types of plastic. It is divided into four specialist departments covering injection moulding and polyurethane technology, extrusion and further processing, part design and materials technology, and composites. The institute comprises the Centre for Analysis and Testing of Plastics, and a Training and Further Education department, as well. It is run by the Association of Sponsors, whose membership now consists of about 250 plastics companies from all over the world.

Custom Injection Mold

Custom Injection Mold

The custom Injection mold is an excellent concept which assists the clients to acquire the needed custom plastic moulding parts within short running time. Sinomould is a pioneer in the custom mold manufacturing and it supply the world rated custom China moulds that deliver the exact specification or fundamental needs on plastic molding technology. The excellent design for various parts, lowest price, rapid turnaround, ISO 9001:2008 Certified are some of the highlights ensured for the clients around the universe while they engaged with Sinomould. The leading mould manufacturer delivers the quality products at a cheap cost.

The lightweight, long-lasting, sturdy, typical designs and varied shapes are some of the advantages delivered for the clients who choose the Sinomould firm. Any kind of demand related to the custom mold accessories such as hydraulic cylinder, hot runner and so forth obtained within a short time. The ground breaking technology implemented in entire process of injection molding and hence there is no worry about the moulding design and quality. Each and every need of the customer addressed here and the innovate ideas executed in every course of action to meet the cutthroat world. They implemented 2D and 3 dimension design and thorough drawings for the plastic accessories and the customer can quote their requirement through the plastic samples displayed in the WebPages. If they need any additional requirement, they can convey it through the exact quotation. The professionals of this firm assist the mold maker to select the exact steel and reduce the custom cost. If you want to know more information regarding the Custom Injection Mold, then you can refer through the company website: –

Plastic Insert Molding Machine

Plastic insert molding machine manufacturer’s Technology on Tour

Arburg, Plastic insert molding machine manufacturer, communicates the subject of energy efficiency to the world using a truck, open houses and seminars.

With its series of international events, “Technology on Tour 2008”, Arburg, one of the leading global manufacturers of injection moulding machines for plastics processing, is visiting its customers on-site and presenting its current corporate objective “Energy Efficiency Allround” from a theoretical and a practical viewpoint. Together with the subsidiaries and trading partners, numerous events are being organised throughout the world in order to present the subject of energy efficiency to the plastics industry and to introduce Arburg’s associated range of products and consultation services. An important component of “Technology on Tour 2008” is a specially-equipped truck with an electric Allrounder A Plastic insert molding unit on board, which will tour Europe.

Up to now, approximately 50 events are planned throughout the world, including the truck tour, open houses and seminars.

Energy efficiency expertise
The objective of all three types of event it to make the participants aware of the issue of energy efficiency, to highlight the wide spectrum of energy-saving potential and to trigger appropriate changes in plastics injection molding company production processes in the medium term.

Thanks to decades of experience and its extensive process knowledge, Arburg is available as a point of contact and offers its customers an extensive range of consulting services on the subject of energy efficient production.

Plastic insert molding

Plastic insert molding

The central focus of all the events is a specialist presentation in which the Plastic insert molding machine, the mold and the overall process is examined in detail with regard to energy consumption. The overall energy consumption in terms of material preparation, molding and the cooling process is analysed and optimisation potential with respect to the Plastic insert molding machine, mold and system availability is highlighted.

Truck tour through Europe
The most exciting element of “Technology on Tour 2008” is the “Destination Plasturgie” truck, which will tour Europe from the middle of April 2008 to the end of the year as a result of the many years of cooperation between the French plastics industry and Arburg.

The specially-adapted truck will visit various locations in Europe in order to present the fascinating world of plastic molding manufacturing technology and, together with the relevant Arburg subsidiaries, to introduce its corporate objective “Energy Efficiency Allround”. One of the features installed in the truck is an Allrounder 320 A with a clamping force of 500 kN, which will provide a live demonstration of energy-efficient molded part production.

Open houses at subsidiaries and trading partners
Open-house events will take place throughout the year on Arburg subsidiary and trading partner premises – these events will provide the perfect platform to focus on presenting Arburg’s energy efficiency range to the customer, as well as the Arburg product portfolio. Customers will also have the opportunity to receive individual advice on energy-saving potential from the Arburg experts.

Successful seminar concept
The third event component consists of worldwide seminars, the concept for which is based on the “Technology on Tour” series of seminars which has proved successful in Germany for many years. The energy efficiency presentation will be suppleme

Plastic injection molding

Plastic injection molding

nted by individual, technical, specialist presentations on various Plastic injection molding issues, which will be selected on a country-specific basis by the on-site Arburg representatives.

Events staged worldwide
The official start of the energy efficiency offensive will be at the Technology Days in Lossburg, from 3 to 5 April 2008.

Just a few days later, on 15 April 2008, “Technology on Tour 2008” commenced with the truck on Town Hall Square in Copenhagen. The truck will also travel to Sweden, Belgium, the Netherlands, Spain, Portugal and the Czech Republic. Together with the open houses at the subsidiaries and the trading partners, and the numerous seminars at a variety of locations, “Technology on Tour 2008” will not only be staged in Europe but will extend from Australia and China to the USA.

Plastic Molding Manufacturing

Plastic Molding Manufacturing China

We are a leading Product Development and Plastic Molding Manufacturing international group with a multinational network of subsidiaries and strategically associated China-based manufacturers

Our world-class Design, wide array of Manufacturing Capabilities and Value Added Services cover all industries, providing our global customers a Complete Integrated Solution for quick turn-around, high quality and cost competitive industry-leading products.

Our Plastic mold company  division is committed to providing superior part design, mold design and engineering services. Design for manufacturability and efficient production is our major objective. Early involvement and working closely with customer engineering departments provides a smooth transition from part design to final product.

Our integrated CAD/CAM system features the state-of-the-art software running on over 20 workstations, making paperless mold design and manufacturing possible. We are able to meet our customers’ shortened lead times by giving our moldmakers a greater degree of control: they are able to access the model, interrogate it for dimensions, and begin machining electrodes and roughing out steel almost immediately.

R&D; capabilities and resource

Specialists in plastic component design and manufacture.

R&D; facility fully integrated with other departments.
Fully trained and qualified designers.
“Pro/ENGINEER”, “Unigraphics”, “Solidworks”, “Moldflow” and “MasterCAM” capable.
Full CAD-CAM capability.
Interactive approach with clients, designers and production.
Detailed pre-production planning and full consultation to eliminate costly mistakes
Full computer modelling or “hard copy” prototype manufacturing capability.


As one of clients your main benefits are
 Direct Manufacturer
 One-stop Manufacturing Solutions
 Extensive Variety of Manufacturing Capabilities
 Low Engineering and Tooling Cost
 Low Per-part Pricing
 Fast Time to Market
 Consistent High Quality and Reliability
 Field Proven Application Solutions
 Engineering Support Services
 Legal Responsibility and Accountability
 Unique Bridge for International Gap
 Flexibility for the Customer

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Plastic Injection Molding

Plastic Injection Molding – Industry Partners

Inject easy profit into your business—risk free!

Every day, Plastic injection molding companies, mold makers and other fabricators encounter customers they cannot serve because the project lacks initial pre-production development-design work, prototyping, market proving or pre-production tooling—that is necessary before hard tooling and mass manufacturing can occur.

In the past, you may have had no way of profiting from these lost opportunities. No longer—Development Technologies offers a great incentive program to prospective partner companies just like yours!

Development Technologies teams with high-quality, volume production specialists who are dedicated to consistent reliability and client satisfaction. We work with industry professionals who are driven to provide the highest quality, competitively priced services including:

  • High-volume plastic molding
  • Die casting
  • Stamping
  • Production tooling
  • Production packaging
  • Ballistic nylon cases and bags
  • Silk screening and packaging
  • Production forging, sandcasting, and machining
  • Large-run fabrication and welding
  • Materials research and ASTM testing
  • Mold flow and FEA analysis

Turn missed opportunities into fast cash!
Quickly, easily, repeatedly, reliably!

Send us quality referrals—customers that you cannot serve because they require pre-production assistance that your company does not provide—and we will cut you a check based on the value of the project and whether the customer was a Direct Referral or and Indirect Referral:

Direct Referrals: A customer referred by an Industry Partner which results directly in a confirmed project nets a 10% referral commission based on paid project billings.

Indirect Referrals: A spin-off or follow-on project ordered by a previously referred customer nets a 5% referral commission based on paid project billings. That’s right—you get paid if one of your referrals comes back to us with follow-on work! What could be fairer? visit our webisite to know more about plastic molds and die casting molds.


Aluminiumguss, Kokillenguss, Handformguss, Maschinenformguss”

Wurde als Referenzseite mit den u.a. Daten erstellt. Die Informationen stammen aus öffentlich zugänglichen Quellen wie Internet, Printmedien und Selbstauskünften des Anbieters.


Das Produktangebot von the die casting umfasst: Herstellung von “Aluminiumguss, Kokillenguss, Handformguss, Maschinenformguss”.

Produktbeschreibung – Aluminiumguss

Der Anbieter aus Arnsdorf in Sachsen beschreibt seine Produkte “Aluminiumguss, Kokillenguss, Handformguss, Maschinenformguss” ausführlich auf seiner Webseite. Hier erhalten Sie nur eine kurze Beschreibung über die Angebote dieses Lieferanten.
Das Lieferprogramm des Anbieters beinhaltet:

  • “Aluminiumguss, Kokillenguss, Handformguss, Maschinenformguss” – verschiedene Ausführungen
  • Zubehör für “Aluminiumguss, Kokillenguss, Handformguss, Maschinenformguss”
  • Beratung über “Aluminiumguss, Kokillenguss, Handformguss, Maschinenformguss”
  • Service für “Aluminiumguss, Kokillenguss, Handformguss, Maschinenformguss”

Die Produkte des Anbieters können mit folgenden Attributen ausgezeichnet werden: Günstiger Anbieter, zuverlässiger Service, höchste Qualität.
Höpfinger bietet auch Lösungen im Bereich “Aluminiumguss, Kokillenguss, Handformguss, Maschinenformguss” an, die

 er auf seiner Webseite nicht speziell beschrieben hat. Gerne erstellt der Anbieter ein für Sie maßgeschneidertes Angebot.
Der Anbieter garantiert seinen Kunden absolute Top-Qualität seiner Produkte. Denn Kundenzufriedenheit hat hier höchste Priorität!
Auf der Homepage dieses Anbieters finden Sie ausführliche Beschreibungen und weitere nützliche Informationen über den Bereich “Aluminiumguss, Kokillenguss, Handformguss, Maschinenformguss”.

Firmen-Kurzportrait und Tätigkeitsfelder

Höpfinger hat sich als Anbieter im Produktbereich “Aluminiumguss, Kokillenguss, Handformguss, Maschinenformguss” etabliert.
In diesem Produktsegment tritt der Anbieter als Hersteller auf.
Der Anbieter Höpfinger betätigt sich bereits seit mehreren Jahren in diesem Marktsegment.
Im Bereich “Aluminiumguss, Kokillenguss, Handformguss, Maschinenformguss” konnte der Anbieter seinen Kundenkreis erheblich vergrößern. Dieser Erfolg basiert besonders auf guter Beratung, hervorragendem Service, günstigen Preisen und lukrativen Angeboten.
Höpfinger findet die Kunden für seine Produkte “Aluminiumguss, Kokillenguss, Handformguss, Maschinenformguss” in folgenden Zielgruppen: – Firmen – Industrie – Händler.

Höpfinger möchte seine Produkte “Aluminiumguss, Kokillenguss, Handformguss, Maschinenformguss” mit diesen Argumenten empfehlen: Günstiger Anbieter, zuverlässiger Service, höchste Qualität.
Welchen Nutzen und welche Vorteile können Kunden erwarten, wenn sie bei diesem Anbieter Produkte bestellen möchten?

  • Professionelle Beratung über die angebotenen Produkte “Aluminiumguss, Kokillenguss, Handformguss, Maschinenformguss” gehört zum kostenlosen Service.
  • Die Kunden und Interessenten können ein umfangreiches Service – Paket zu den angebotenen Produkten im Bereich

    “Aluminiumguss, Kokillenguss, Handformguss, Maschinenformguss” in Anspruch nehmen.

  • Was die Qualität der angebotenen Produkte angeht, hier geht der Anbieter keine Kompromisse ein. Nur beste Qualität verlässt das Lager von Höpfinger.
  • In seinem Internetauftritt verrät Ihnen der Anbieter wertvolle Informationen und Tipps zum Thema “Aluminiumguss, Kokillenguss, Handformguss, Maschinenformguss”.

Mehr interessante Informationen über den Anbieter und sein Firmenportrait sind auf der Homepage von Höpfinger nachzulesen.

So wirbt der Anbieter für sich

Höpfinger Aluguss GmbH wirbt für das Produkt: “Aluminiumguss, Kokillenguss, Handformguss, Maschinenformguss” mit folgendem Zitat: “Beratung durch Experten, das ist unser Konzept. Dadurch finden wir auch Lösungen für Ihre Wünsche!”

Das besondere Angebot

Anmerkung der Redaktion:

Bitte teilen Sie der Redaktion mit, welches besondere Angebot Sie Ihren Kunden präsentieren möchten!

Service – Leistungen des Anbieters

  • Service und Beratung sind vom Anbieter im Bereich “Aluminiumguss, Kokillenguss, Handformguss, Maschinenformguss” auf Kundenorientierung und Erfolg optimiert worden.
  • Beratung durch Experten für den Bereich “Aluminiumguss, Kokillenguss, Handformguss, Maschinenformguss” gehört ebenfalls zum Service des Anbieters.
  • Wenn Sie bei diesem Lieferanten Produkte oder Dienstleistungen im Bereich “Aluminiumguss, Kokillenguss, Handformguss, Maschinenformguss” bestellen oder kaufen wollen, oder Sie möchten ausführliche Informationen über den Service des Anbieters erfahren, nutzen Sie das Kontaktformularauf der Webseite von Höpfinger.
  • Wenn Sie den Anbieter persönlich besuchen möchten, folgen Sie dem Routenplan nach Arnsdorf, den Höpfinger auf seiner Webseite zeigt.

Preisinformationen des Anbieters

Höpfinger Aluguss GmbH aus Arnsdorf in Sachsen nennt auf seiner Homepage für “Aluminiumguss, Kokillenguss, Handformguss, Maschinenformguss” keine Preise!


Höpfinger Aluguss GmbH aus Arnsdorf in Sachsen kann folgenden Branchen und Kategorien zugeordnet werden:
Der Anbieter gehört zur Kategorie: Hersteller im Bereich “Aluminiumguss, Kokillenguss, Handformguss, Maschinenformguss”.


Höpfinger Aluguss GmbH ist in folgenden Vertriebs- und Produktionsbereichen tätig:
Anbieter von “Aluminiumguss, Kokillenguss, Handformguss, Maschinenformguss”
Hersteller von “Aluminiumguss, Kokillenguss, Handformguss, Maschinenformguss”


Höpfinger vertreibt “Aluminiumguss, Kokillenguss, Handformguss, Maschinenformguss” bundesweit. Der Anbieter hat seinen Sitz im Bundesland: Sachsen. Im Bereich der Orte: Arnsdorf – Radeberg ist der Anbieter von “Aluminiumguss, Kokillenguss, Handformguss, Maschinenformguss” besonders präsent.


Höpfinger Aluguss GmbH aus Arnsdorf in Sachsen exportiert sein Produkt “Aluminiumguss, Kokillenguss, Handformguss, Maschinenformguss” auch in folgende Länder: Europaweit

Injection Mold Making

CNC Precision Turning In Injection Mold Making-Awesome!

A Plastic  mold company  & A plastic molding Company that have included CNC precision turning in their arsenal of precision machine tools have a real advantage over the competition. Unless your volume is very low, or you just do not use many round components, it is well worth your time to investigate this powerful tool.

My first experience with CNC precision completely amazed me. I was in the process of making a core for a lens for a flashing police light; the kind you don’t like to see in your rear-view mirror!

CNC precision turning is very fast

I was having a difficult time figuring out how to turn all the angular facets on the core and our wizard CNC machinist said he could probably do it in the small CNC lathe. At the time, the only programming was done on a very primitive “Tandy” gizmo from a local Radio Shack.

To my amazement, he returned about two hours later and it was finished. Even the threads were done! Plus, the surface finish was so good that it required very little polishing. I was impressed, to say the least.

Getting the right CNC lathe tooling is critical to achieving the results you expect. I have worked in a shop where the CNC lathe operator was limited to almost no tooling and he had to spend many, many hours tweaking in his projects. He was incredibly skilled, but very slow! It seems so odd to spend a great deal of money on a high-end machine and skimp on the essential tooling.Since that time I have watched the evolution of the CNC lathe to include milling operations and C axis machining. To me, live tooling is incredibly powerful. Plus, now that hard-machining is becoming commonplace and the tooling is improving all the time, another avenue has opened up to improve mold making productivity. This is a great source of information about hard-turning.

In many ways the CNC lathe is a lot like WEDM in mold making applications. Many plastic mold factory shops are reluctant to invest in them because they seem hard to justify. However, those after a short time of using it, the applications just seem endless. WEDM was once considered useless for mold making because to the “blind” cavities required. As we well know, WEDM is indespensable in any modern toolmaking shop.

EDM and CNC Precision Turning

Imagine how much time and effort could be saved if you could manufacture all those round electrodes on a CNC lathe! The hours spent indicating a spin fixture for the surface grinder, the manual labor required to produce multiple copper and graphite electrodes could all be minimized by using this amazing machine tool.

With the proper EDM tooling, you can easily maintain the close tolerances required for precision EDM electrode manufacturing. Your toolmakers can be put to better use as well! Plus, the programs can be saved, or easily re-written, in the event that you need to make them again, later on.