Background Info

Background Info

At PM Tooling, we understand that success in today’s marketplace is tied to the optimal utilization of resources.

We are committed to finding new ways of applying design technologies, in order to provide the highest quality, most cost-effective solutions to the stamping industry & Die Casting industry

Our narrow market focus allows us to assess our customers’ needs without having to first learn their business from the ground up.

Working with similar companies, we are able to leverage our experiences, in order to offer the most timely and cost effective solutions.

We are an aggressive, yet slow growth company.Our goal is to build a long-term, positive reputation, one customer at a time.

By today’s standards, this web site may appear rather simplistic. However, at PM Tooling we strongly believe that functionality should always precede aesthetics. As a result, this site was designed so as to be functional with the widest possible array of browsers.

If something appears to be incorrect as viewed with your browser, please let us know by following the link to our contact page. As always, your feedback is truly appreciated!