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Contract manufacturer in China

We offer several OEM contract manufacturing services in China, These include: Plastic mold, die/tooling, metal parts, plastic parts, post manufacturing service, Optical Scanning / Rapid FAIR / Reverse Engineering, manual assembly, packing and delivery. As a good contract manufacturer China, We have always been a time-consuming process. While automated measurement has come a long way […]

China Rapid Prototyping Service

China Rapid Prototyping Service maintains a wide range of processes for producing high-quality, photo-ready appearance models. These models are used by our customers as part of their product definition process, as a marketing and sales tool, and as a way to speed up downstream photography for packaging, literature and digital media. We produce models over […]


Filtering facepiece masks (FFP) also called a respiratory mask, is a specialist design mask for protection against viruses which is certified by the European Union, it also protects against particles. The filtering face piece mask comes in three forms which are FFP1, FFP2 AND FFP3. Is easy to use with mechanical filter respirator. The mask […]

A Review of progressive die stamping

Chemical milling is an instance of a specialty procedure that removes excess material by the usage of etching chemicals and masking chemicals. Tooling is a significant process in the creation of automobiles today. progressive die stamping tooling is utilized to manufacture a wide range of parts. Progressive tooling aids the metal stamping companies deliver economic […]

Gas-Assist Injection Molding

Gas-assist injection molding (GAIM), a process that uses an inert gas to create one or more hollow channels within an injection-molded plastic part, has been around for well over two decades. Used extensively to make products such as appliance handles and furniture seat backs and frames, GAIM enables manufacturers to cost-effectively make large struct  ural […]

Why Plastic Mold Company From China

Why Plastic Mold Company From China When you plan to start your new business with plastic mold and plastic molding parts, then the best way to do is find a plastic mold company from China. HYX MOLD will tailor a project team to meet your requirements and your available resources. However, based on the success […]