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Titanium 1 1/2″ Flat Iron

Different types of hair require different care. It should be treated in a different way. When you want to have your hair done you need to choose the device which is the most suitable for your type of hair. And a modern appliance should be able to provide a  variety of temperature regimes for comfortable […]

lightweight powerful hair dryer

Hair dryers have now become a fundamental part of our day-to-days live. In other words, hair dryers, conversely called blow dryers, are indivisible for folks with busy schedule. Before hair dryers were generally only used to blow dry your hair. But hairdryers now offered are innovative and are used for trying several creative hair styles. […]

Ceramic styling curling iron

Hey my name is Steve Yang. I am CEO of hair styling tools manufacturer called Olayer, I wanted to write about our new technology of ceramic ionic cold air hair curler because a lot of other hair curling iron seemed biased and very traditional. Olayer has been tested the Ceramic styling cold air curlers for […]

Children ffp2 face masks

We are children ffp2 face mask respirator production vendor in China, we produce children FFP2 face masks for youngster (boys and girls) in between 3-14 years of ages. our youngsters ffp2 face mask respirator are fish style (shape), it is easy to wear, our children ffp2 face masks that have two unique colour, blue for […]

what is the best hair dryer for your hair

Olayer is the best hair dryer company in China, offer the best high speed hair dryer, infrared hair dryer, light weight hair dryer, cold air hair straightener, cold air hair curler, hair straightening brush and other hairdressing tools, if you looking for hair dryer wholesale company, or OEM/ODM contract blow dryer manufacturers, welcome to contact olayer.com We do […]

How to Get Straight Hair Curly

In today’s fashion trend hair style plays a very significant role in presenting one’s personality in front of others. Everybody, indiscriminative of men, women, models, starlets, or common man, desires to look good and get attentions. A person with luxuriant, lustrous, and well-groomed hair is definitely going to attract a notice from every passerby. On […]

Contract manufacturer in China

We offer several OEM contract manufacturing services in China, These include: Plastic mold, die/tooling, metal parts, plastic parts, post manufacturing service, Optical Scanning / Rapid FAIR / Reverse Engineering, manual assembly, packing and delivery. As a good contract manufacturer China, We have always been a time-consuming process. While automated measurement has come a long way […]

China Rapid Prototyping Service

China Rapid Prototyping Service maintains a wide range of processes for producing high-quality, photo-ready appearance models. These models are used by our customers as part of their product definition process, as a marketing and sales tool, and as a way to speed up downstream photography for packaging, literature and digital media. We produce models over […]


Filtering facepiece masks (FFP) also called a respiratory mask, is a specialist design mask for protection against viruses which is certified by the European Union, it also protects against particles. The filtering face piece mask comes in three forms which are FFP1, FFP2 AND FFP3. Is easy to use with mechanical filter respirator. The mask […]