All About Casting Jewelry

Casting is a process in which liquid material made from heating metals, is poured in a module, to give the liquid a desired shape. Then the liquid is cooled and a solid object in the desired shape and size is obtained. Casting Jewelry is the latest “in-thing” in the fashion markets. This jewelry is made from different materials like silver, aluminum die casting, zinc die casting, gold, bronze, alloy metals and even plated casting jewelry is available.

Casting Jewelry is very attractive and delicate. They are made using machines, but very finely crafted and hand made jewelry is also available in the market. This type of jewelry can be available at a very low, as well as high costs, depending on the design and material and design that you choose. Casting Jewelry is very fragile and should be handled with out most care as it can break easily. With the advent of casting jewelry, the fashion world has benefited a great deal. Today, free flowing designs, multicolored jewelry and even a special made to order jewelry is available in the market.

Before this, it was difficult to cast a metal in a desired shape but today it is as simple as it gets, all you need is a creative mind to create new designs and a group of well qualified workers and good machinery to make your own casting jewelry. This also gives you an option to make your own series of new designs. Casting jewelry is being widely used across the globe. With the prices of gold increasing day by day and with the entry of new metal jewelry like platinum, casting jewelry slowly but surely is making a mark in the fashion world. With the cost silver plated casting jewelry, the dream of wearing a new necklace or a new ear-ring everyday is a reality. You can actually afford new set of jewelry everyday. There are also costly models made of pure gold and delicate designs and with embedded diamonds that are available.

Casting Jewelry is not only about fashion, it has also opened a new avenue for small scale businesses. With proper knowledge and machinery, you can start your own company and make casting jewelry. It does not need any expensive material nor does it need a big capital. A small store room in your house will also be sufficient to set up your casting jewelry work-shop. You can then design your own range or hire a professional jewelry designer to create your range of jewelry.

Casting Jewelry has also helped the educational branch of “jewelry designing” grow considerably. Today it is considered in par with “fashion designing”. Many young students are nowadays looking at jewelry designing as a full time career.

The only draw-back of plated casting jewelry is that is they are used on daily basis, then they might lose their shine and the coated silver or gold respectively. If they come in contact with water regularly, then they can turn black. You can get them re-plated and use them. As casting jewelry is very fragile and delicate, even a slight mishap can change its shape or even break it.