Die Castings

Die Castings

Conveniently located a few miles north of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. PM TOOLING is licensed to use the Meehanite process to provide ductile iron with the physical characteristics needed in many high-stress applications. Castings are

made in all grades of ductile iron for short runs, prototypes and longer production runs.

We are proud to count among our diversified list of customers many of America’s “blue chip” manufacturers whose product lines range from farm and construction equipment to railroad cars. Casting weights vary from just a few ounces to 150 pounds. We can also accommodate larger and heavier castings, depending upon quantity and delivery.


Our modern facilities, which are geared to 100 percent job shop production, feature coreless induction furnaces with a typical daily capacity of 5 to 6 tons of molten metal per hour. Because of their pollution-free operation, these units play an important part in meetingclean air standards established by the government. Pollution generated within other sections of our plant is controlled through giant air-scrubbing equipment.

Squeezer and cope and drag molds in a variety of flask sizes are employed. Loose molding is also available. For lower volume production we use CO2 cores to provide highly accurate, intricate castings. For long production and complex jobs we have shell core machines that assure castings of more uniform density, dimensional accuracy and finer finish – at the most economical cost. Both processes have their place in the foundry, many factors are taken into consideration when deciding which core is best for a particular zinc die casting.

Material handling throughout is designed for optimum, economical operation. Precision-made molds move on palletized production lines through the pouring

of metal to the finishing department. Here die castings are shot blasted, ground, chipped and tumbled before being shipped to customers.

Since we are vitally concerned with uniformly high quality, our services include an up-to-date control laboratory. Such metal tests as carbon determination, hardness and temperature and carbon readout are conducted as required.

As highlighted above, a 1982 addition to the PM TOOLING facility is exclusively for the storage of patterns, in turn assuring that they receive the care needed for quality aluminum die casting, magensium die casting and zin die castings Patterns themselves are made by skilled craftsmen employed by local firms well known for their expertise in our industry.

A network of capable representatives supplements our own sales personnel. They stand ready to help solve your casting problems and serve as liaison between you and our plant.

A variety of companies are used for such specialized services as casting x-rays, independent laboratory analysis of physical and chemical properties and heat treating.

We realize that occasionally customers haveemergency requirements. PM TOOLING takes pride in having built a reputation for outstanding service to customers in these difficult situations. read more about aluminum die casting, zinc die casting or magnesium die casting.