Why Plastic Mold Company From China

Why Plastic Mold Company From China

When you plan to start your new business with plastic mold and plastic molding parts, then the best way to do is find a plastic mold company from China.

HYX MOLD will tailor a project team to meet your requirements and your available resources. However, based on the success of previous development projects, we recommend that you have a program or project manager, a quality engineering contact and in some cases, a marketing contact.

How can I be sure that my project is moving along, on time and on budget?

HYX MOLD engineering services uses a bi-weekly reporting structure that tracks the following items::

  • Scope
  • Budget
  • Schedule
  • Cost of Goods (COG’s)
  • Critical Milestones
  • Risk Management
  • Materials
  • Resources

By aggressively monitoring these activities and reporting progress both internally and externally with customers on a weekly basis, HYX MOLD is able to design and manufacture products more efficiently.

We have completed the concept and feasibility phase of a new surgical device, and would like HYX MOLD to quote to complete the design for manufacturability and move the device into production manufacturing. What do we need to provide to HYX MOLD to get a quote for these activities?

HYX MOLD would prefer to begin this process with a product requirements document and any design engineering documentation generated to depict the device. In addition, HYX MOLD’s product development team would like to understand any schedule or budget constraints that may have been promised to the stakeholders. Prototypes and/or photos are also helpful. If the documentation, etc. is not available, HYX MOLD can assist in creating this information as part of the project scope.

At what stage of product development can HYX MOLD get involved?

HYX MOLD’s product development team utilizes a three-phase product development process with clearly defined tasks and deliverables for all members of the team. This process allows the HYX MOLD team to begin work at any point during your development plan from initial feasibility studies and concept development to detailed design for manufacturability, validation and transfer.

Can HYX MOLD manage my Device History File (DHF) and Device Master Record (DMR)?

Yes! HYX MOLD has full document and release control capabilities. HYX MOLD has the ability to track both paper and electronic Device History Files (DHF).

What is the advantage of using HYX MOLD for contract design and development as opposed to a contract design firm?

HYX MOLD engineering services group focuses solely on the development of medical devices. The team is multidisciplinary and includes experts in design, analysis, manufacturing, quality, and operations. Process experts from HYX MOLD’s facilities as well as other experts from HYX MOLD’s extensive supply chain provide critical design and manufacturing input throughout the development process. These individuals have extensive experience in transitioning their designs to the HYX MOLD facilities, thus shortening development time and minimizing risks associated with manufacturing transfers.

How will the HYX MOLD team interface with our engineers, and what will be their responsibility?

Each project has its own specific challenges and resource requirements; when partnering with HYX MOLD, all projects begin with a kick-off meeting. During this meeting, the project team structure, roles and responsibilities are clearly defined and resources are assigned from HYX MOLD, as well as your organization. Communication channels are clearly defined for routine activities, as well as regular updates of project scope, budget and timeline. Escalation plans are established so that issues can be resolved quickly and effectively. It is the responsibility of the HYX MOLD Program Manager to set up the interface structure with the customer, and ensure that the team dynamics contribute to a successful project and a satisfied customer. HYX MOLD utilizes “best practices” to provide complete program management, ensuring timely and successful project outcomes.

Will I have to provide quality engineering and design control functions for the HYX MOLD team?

No. That is not necessary. HYX MOLD has quality engineering expertise on staff. quality engineering works collaboratively with HYX MOLD engineering services. All HYX MOLD quality engineers are trained, well versed, and follow ISO 13485 / FDA 21 CFR 820 requirements.

What technical skills does HYX MOLD have?

HYX MOLD employs a multidisciplinary team with experience in project management, mechanical design, design for manufacture and assembly, manufacturing, and quality engineering. In addition, HYX MOLD has established a network of technical and product specialists to support the Company’s services. HYX MOLD’s process experts located across multiple manufacturing sites ensure that the resulting design can be produced using capable processes.

What is your project team structure?

Each engineering services project team consists of a Program Manager and the appropriate engineering disciplines specific to your project needs. Because HYX MOLD’s engineering services is a matrix organization, the Company has the ability to adapt to various project scope.

What are some of your success stories? Do you have any references that I can call?

Upon request, HYX MOLD will be pleased to provide more detailed information in regards to the Company’s “Design for Process Excellence” program; this information will be crafted to provide additional details of the program, without compromising the confidential nature of customer relationships.