Key Advantages

At PM Tooling, we understand that in order to be successful, throughput and quality issues must be addressed in the design stage. Therefore, we fully analyze all product specifications at the outset, and incorporate them into every design.

After all, the sole purpose of any plastic molds and die casting are to reliably produce an acceptable part. The only way to do this economically is with a sound quality design.

In order to offer the most timely and cost effective solutions, we utilize high-end Computer Aided Design tools. All of our designs are completely modeled in a 3-D solids format. This not only prevents errors in detailing, it also ensures that no interferences are overlooked. In addition, it allows us to provide our customers with not only 2-D profiles, but also 3-D surfaces, solids, cutter paths, certification and inspection data.

Finally, all of our designs for plastic molds and plastic moldings or Aluminium die casting come fully detailed, with a complete Bill of Materials. Simply stated, our designs save both time and money in construction through production.