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How to Get Straight Hair Curly

In today’s fashion trend hair style plays a very significant role in presenting one’s personality in front of others. Everybody, indiscriminative of men, women, models, starlets, or common man, desires to look good and get attentions. A person with luxuriant, lustrous, and well-groomed hair is definitely going to attract a notice from every passerby. On top of this if your hair has curls there is nothing more you can ask for. Alas, everyone is not blessed with such a quality of hair by birth thereby making one craving for it.

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Going with the latest hairstyle trends, natural looking curls are very much in the fashion, as they make you look very sexy and fascinating. Although it’s quite difficult to add curls to naturally straight hair; thanks to several new technologies, you need not be hopeless and heave a sigh. Some of the methods you can use to give a stylish curly look to your otherwise straight hair are discussed below.

Perming is the oldest and easiest methods of curling your hair. This method used to be very harsh and its effect was permanent in previous years. However, new technological developments have made the procedure much gentler and its effect is no more everlasting now.

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Sponge/foam rollers
To curl your hair with sponge rollers go through the following steps:

  1. Dry your hair with a blower leaving it a little damp and decide the size of the curls.
  2. Take a small portion of the hair and grease it with the exact amount of hair gel.
  3. Select a large or small sponge roller for looser or tighter curls respectively.
  4. Curlling should be tightened at the bottom and gradually loosen while moving upwards.
  5. Let the hair dry naturally to avoid a frizzy effect on your hair.
  6. Patiently remove the roller, put a little hair spray and using your fingers set your hair to the style as per your desire.

Hot rollers
To curl your hair with hot rollers, go through the following steps:

  1. Clean and dry your hair thoroughly.
  2. Apply required amount of hair gel and separate hair into parts.
  3. Using large or small rollers for looser and tighter curls respectively, roll each part of the hair and fit them with hair pins.
  4. Gently remove the pins and then hot rollers after 20 to 30 minutes.
  5. Using a holding spray and hair shining gel set your hair to desired style with the help of your fingers.

Although this method takes less time than the sponge roller technique, if used frequently, this can even damage your hair.

Curling iron
To curl your hair with hair curling iron, go through the following steps:

  1. Choose small or large barrel irons for smaller or larger curls respectively. For spiral curling, choose spirally designed irons.
  2. Separate hair into sections of 1 to 2 inch each.
  3. Starting from the ends of your hair, wrap the hair gradually twirling them upward.
  4. Stop after reaching 2 to 3 inches away from the scalp.
  5. Carefully unwind the hair from the barrel after 1 minute and pin the curled hair.
  6. Set your hair by running your fingers through it and then by using holding spray on it.

Before going for any other technique for hair straightening, you must consult a hair specialist, who can guide you to select the right method for you hair. With unlimited options available today and all of them being temporarily effective, you can style your hair while keeping pace with the latest trend.

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