Filtering facepiece masks (FFP) also called a respiratory mask, is a specialist design mask for protection against viruses which is certified by the European Union, it also protects against particles. The filtering face piece mask comes in three forms which are FFP1, FFP2 AND FFP3. Is easy to use with mechanical filter respirator. The mask is a half covering mask which covers the mouth and nose. The mask is of high standards effective; the efficacy is assessed by filtering rate, which is of high frequency. This face mask is useful which protect the wearer from inhaling infectious agents or pollutants in the form of aerosols, droplets, small solid particles.

Three different types of filtering facepiece mask, the EN 149 standard tested the performance of the three classes of filtering FFP1, FFP2, AND FFP3. The first version was tested in the year 2001, which come with characteristics of respiratory protection equipment. The analyzes are based on materials; resistance, practical performance test and leakage, total linkage inwards and penetration of the filter materials. The classification of the test is as follow.

FFP1 face mask,     Filters at least 80% of airborne particles <22%    Yellow

FFP2 face mask     Filters at least 94% of airborne particles <8%      Blue or White

FFP3  face mask   Filters at least 99% of airborne particles <2%      Red

FFP1 face mask is the least filtering mask out of the three covers; it comes with a minimum of 80% aerosol filtration with an internal leak rate of 22%. Its primary use for prevention of dust. Dust cause lung disease, such as asbestosis, silicosis, and siderosis for people working in coal, iron, zinc and cement industry.

FFP2 face mask: this is the second generation of filtering facepiece mask, it comes with a 94% aerosol filtration and internal leak rate of about 8%. The cover is instrumental in must of the industry such as glass, construction, pharmaceutical and agriculture industry. The mask also serves as protection against influenza viruses and bacteria.

FFP3 face mask: this is the third generation of the cover it comes with 99% of aerosol filtration percentage and internal leak rate of 2% maximum. The FFP3 is of the high-quality standard it protects against all fine particles of asbestos and ceramic. Also, it protects against gases in particular.

The usefulness of FFP mask; the mask is of the high-quality standard; the metal tab makes it possible to adjust the cover to bridge the nose. It protects against all infectious diseases.

Standards; FFP masks meet the standards of EN149 to qualify as FFP standard face mask respirator.

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