China Rapid Prototyping Service

China Rapid Prototyping Service maintains a wide range of processes for producing high-quality, photo-ready appearance models. These models are used by our customers as part of their product definition process, as a marketing and sales tool, and as a way to speed up downstream photography for packaging, literature and digital media. We produce models over a range of cost/quality/detail levels depending on customer needs.

Along with appearance models, we generate a large number of form-factor models for human-factors evaluations. These are groups of basic models created to compare the appearance or ergonomics of potential product shapes, colors, textures, and configurations.

Our Plantation, Florida facility includes comprehensive model-making facilities, with separate areas devoted to mastering silicone molds and casting urethane parts, laser cutting and etching, CNC machining China, printing RP parts, proto mold, sanding and finishing, painting and decorating, and model photography.

Rapid Prototyping Service

Model Making Capabilities

‘A’ Grade Models

•  Photo realistic

•  Capture 100% of design intent

•  Faithfully replicates specified Colors / Materials / Finishes

•  Great attention given to accurate fit and extensive hand finishing

•  Constructed of mostly CNC machined and cast urethane components

•  CAD data support to include tolerances and part splits to optimize model appearance

•  Working mechanisms (hinges, latches, slides)

‘B’ Grade Models

•  Mid-level attention to hand finishing

•  Made from Machined, Cast, and some RP components

•  Includes textures and basic finishes

•  CAD data split for efficient assembly

•  Simplified color specifications

•  Graphics represented

‘C’ Grade Models

•  Detailed form-factor

•  Made primarily from RP components

•  Simple CAD data part splits

•  Little to no hand finishing

•  Limited or no graphics

•  Basic approach to working mechanisms

Customer Data Requirements

•  3-D CAD data in portable format (iges, stl, step) or Pro/E

•  Detailed Color, Materials, and Finishes documentation for all surfaces

•  All required graphics including logos, screen displays, labels

Commitment to Exceptional Quality

Our dedicated and highly trained model making staff has many years of experience in creating models with meticulous attention to detail and faithful execution of Design intent. We understand the importance of model quality and its effect on your desired results – whether you are trying to find investors for a new technology or up-sell your existing product into a new market.

Our models have been seen in venues ranging from magazine advertisements to product placements in popular movies and television shows. They are used in customer focus group studies, in defining requirements for public safety and military users, and in purchasing group negotiations with major retailers. All of our model makers hold four year degrees in Model Development, and can work with you to refine your needs and define your ultimate requirements.

Additional Services

In addition to appearance and basic form-factor models, we provide a variety of additional related services, ranging from digital photography to custom laser-cut foam-filled cases for protecting your model(s). For customer focus-group studies, we ‘neuter’

competitive models (removing graphics and logos, applying a neutral color scheme) to level the playing field for comparisons.

For existing products, we can support color studies, applying new CMF specifications to production parts to evaluate the marketing potential of a new product appearance. We also use our laser etching processes to create custom graphics and special effects.

If you are looking for rapid prototype service or proto mold for your appearance models, you are welcome to contact us