Ceramic styling iron

Ceramic styling curling iron

Hey my name is Steve Yang. I am CEO of hair styling tools manufacturer called Olayer, I wanted to write about our new technology of ceramic ionic cold air hair curler because a lot of other hair curling iron seemed biased and very traditional. Olayer has been tested the Ceramic styling cold air curlers for a long time; there simply isn’t a better way to curl hair anymore. I didn’t feel it was that way at first though.

The first time that I saw the Ceramic styling curling shells was on TV. When I realized that they were shell shaped curling hair clips I thought it was a bit odd. I had always used a curling iron to make my way wavy or curly. At first I thought they were just another type of roller. As I continued to listen about the Ceramic styling curling iron and how it works I began to be a bit more interested.

That’s when I looked at other Ceramic styling reviews online and found some good ones but most of them not so great.  I could see that everywhere I looked it had really high ratings so at least that was a clue about how well it worked.

The Ceramic styling curling iron work differently that rollers or irons. First of all the ceramic shell shaped is very different from a tube style curler like a curling iron. That was one of the features that struck me as different because a curling iron is very easy to control and use on my hair. What I did is tried their 30 day risk free trial.

Essentially what I got was two sets of the Ceramic styling for their trial fee of $15. I assume they give two sets just in case someone has a lot of hair. The way it works is that I got to use the Ceramic styling by InStyler for 30 days and if I didn’t like it I could send it back without any worries. I thought to myself it was worth a try because I prefer to have my hair curled anyway, so why not do it a way that doesn’t burn my hair?

Most curling irons heat up to 380 degrees. Interestingly enough, hair begins to burn at 250 degrees. The Ceramic styling curling shells heat up to 200 degrees which makes sure that my hair doesn’t burn anymore. Since it doesn’t get burned anymore my hair has a natural shine to it and I don’t have to add extra product to my hair which makes it healthier. The absolute best part about the Ceramic styling though is the fact that my curls will stay in my hair all day long without losing bounce or curl.

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After using the Ceramic styling iron only a few times I was sold. My hair is healthier, it shines more, it keeps its curl, it’s very easy to use, my bathroom doesn’t smell like burnt hair, and I don’t have to have different sized curling irons. I can make my hair curly or wavy depending on how many fingers I use to curl my hair. It’s perfect for making my hair look full and vibrant. For me there isn’t another way of curling now. The Ceramic styling truly is the best thing out there for making hair look healthier, stronger, more shiny and better looking. I recommend it to all my friends now.