Plsatic Injection molding Company

Established in the year 2005, we, HYX MOLD., is one of the Plastic Injection Molding Company that manufacturers, suppliers, and exporters of Plstic molds, plastic molded parts, CNC machining parts, 3D printing parts,water level control systems. Proper use of raw material such as stainless steel and plastic parts has enabled us to manufacture our products as per international quality standards. These precisely engineered products are high in demand due to negligible maintenance and high performance. Further, we are also engaged in selling and purchasing new as well as used plastic machines. According to the need of clients, we also source machines from any part of the world.

Plastic Mold
Plastic Mold

We are backed by a robust manufacturing unit that is equipped with drilling, grinding and cutting machines. Our professionals are well-versed with the operations of these machines and help us in producing products as per the requirements of our respected clients. Further, we provide regular training to our professionals so that they can undertake refurbishing and retrofitting of injection molding machines with ease and accuracy.

We are headed by our chairman Mike Zheng, whose business insight has enabled us to establish strong presence in the market. Owing to his 11 years of immense industry experience and in-depth knowledge, we have garnered huge clientele in China.

Service Portfolio

Apart from manufacturing water level control systems, we also provide various services to our clients. These services are undertaken by experts, who use latest tools & equipment to assure timely execution of these services. Our continuum of services is appreciated by clients not only for flexibility but also for reliability.

We offer following services:

Apart from the above mentioned services, we are also engaged in selling and purchasing of new and used plastic machines.

Our Manufacturing Unit

Our state-of-the-art manufacturing unit that assists us in achieving organizational goals within short time frame. Fitted with modern machines and equipment, our manufacturing unit is spread over an area of 2,000 square feet and enables us to achieve massive production capacity of 500,000 units.

We use following machines at our manufacturing unit:

  • Cutting machine
  • Drilling machine
  • Grinding machine
  • CNC Machine
  • Injection Molding machine
  • Plastic mold making equipment

These machines help our professionals to manufacture products as per the specific requirements of our clients. Further, we regularly lubricate and oil these machines to maintain uniform rate of production.

Our Team

Our commendable position in the industry is the result of the perseverant efforts of our assiduous professionals. They work in sync with each other and make full use of optimum resources to manufacture flawless range of water level control system. Owing to the combined efforts of our professionals, we are able to fulfill ever increasing demands of various industries.

Our team includes:

  • Engineers
  • Technicians
  • Quality controllers
  • Research associates
  • Sales and marketing professional
  • Marketing representatives

These professionals assist us in producing products as per the specifications given by our clients. With the constant support of these professionals, we also provide refurbishing and retrofitting service for injection molding machines.

Research and Development

We gave developed a sophisticated research and development unit to manufacture technologically advanced range of water level control system. This unit helps our research associates to diversify our range of products. Our researchers conduct thorough research activities not only to find cost effective manufacturing techniques but also to improve the product’s design. Further, our researchers also carry out various market surveys to assure that our entire range is fairly priced in the domestic market. Due to the relentless efforts of our researchers, we always come out with the best solution to client’s problems.

Our Quality Assurance

Success of any organizational depends upon the quality of its products and services. We understand this and therefore, adhere to stringent quality norms while manufacturing water level control systems and executing retrofitting & refurbishing services. We have also appointed a team of quality experts, which assures that the stainless steel, plastic and other raw material are procured from trustworthy vendors of the industry. With the help of quality testing unit, our experts check the manufactured as well as sourced products on following parameters:

  • Durability
  • Test leakage
  • Tensile strength
  • Resistance to corrosion
  • Toughness
  • Electrical properties

Further, we also conduct leakage test on our range to assure the flow of best quality products from our premises.

Client Satisfaction

Gaining utmost satisfaction of our clients has always been our first priority therefore, we make sure that our range of water level control systems are manufactured as per their requirements. To assure that our range matches with desired quality norms, we make use of quality tested raw material such as stainless steel and plastic. We have also set up a modern research & development unit that helps us in catering to changing needs of our clients.

 We also maintain an efficient communication system so that the suggestions and opinions of clients can be used in enhancing the quality of our products. Further, we facilitate our clients with easy payment modes such as cash and demand draft so that our clients do not face any problem while conducting financial transactions with us.

Why Us?

Our presence in the industry has been possible due to our unrelenting efforts to meet the requirements of our clients. Following are some of the factors that enable us to stand apart from our competitors:

  • Use of tested raw material in manufacturing processes
  • Expertise & technical abilities to absorb fresh technologies
  • Modern infrastructure facility
  • Qualified team of professionals
  • Customized solutions



Progress in Motion

On land and on sea, in the air and in space – plastics are on the move. Durable, lightweight and corrosion resistant, plastics offer fuel savings, design flexibility and high performance at lower costs to designers facing today’s complex transportation needs. In automobiles, light trucks, trailers and motorcycles; in marine craft from canoes to minesweepers; in trains, buses and other mass-transit vehicles; in airplanes and space shuttles – everywhere, plastics are on the move. to make custom injection molding parts for transpotantion parts, you need plastic molds and find plastic molding company to cooperate with, this will be solution to support you.

On the Fast Track

During the oil crisis of the ’70s, automakers discovered that plastics make cars more energy efficient by reducing weight. With that discovery, plastics began finding their way into automobile components such as bumpers, fenders, doors, safety and rear-quarter windows, headlight and sideview mirror housings, trunk lids, hoods, grilles and wheel covers.

Auto makers choosecustom plastic injection molding parts for their durability, corrosion resistance, toughness, ease of coloring and finishing, resiliency and light weight. Plastics reduced the weight of the average passenger car built in 1988 by 145 pounds. That saves millions of gallons of gas each year and will save the energy equivalent of 21 million barrels of oil over the average lifetime of those cars. By the 1993 model year, over 250 pounds of plastics were used in the average vehicle.

Automobile designers also discovered that plastics solve one of their most complicated design problems: what to do with the fuel tank. Using plastic gives them the freedom to fit tanks into the overall concept rather than designing around the unwieldy but essential part.

Bus manufactureres, too, are turning to plastics for exterior and interior components to provide dimensional stability and impact resistance in long sections. Trains and buses use plastics in seating, window/door frames and other interior applications that require durability, cleanability and low maintenance. Subway commuters in many cities owe much of their comfort to plastics, sitting on plastic-foam seats with plastic seat covers, standing on polyester carpets and holding securely to plastic handles. The moldings, window casings and interior panels of subway cars are also plastic, and the windows are polycarbonate.

Modern over-the-road trucks owe much of their sleek design to plastics. The contoured cowls over the cabs reduce air resistance and improve fuel efficiency. Truck tanks made of advanced composites offer the same benefits.

On the Not-So-Fast Track

Bicycles (seats, handlebars, trim and accessories), motorcycles (helmets, seats, windshields and instrument panels), roller skates, skateboards, canoes, kayaks, skis and ski boots, surfboards, snowboards and advanced athletic shoes – when people move, plastics move with them.

Advanced composite kayaks, for example, powered the U.S. Olympic team to gold medals in Seoul. Composites help achieve the required shape with minimum weight and allow better weight distribution.

Making Waves

Plastics made a big splash in the nautical world when America’s Cup entries began using advanced composites in futuristic designs that set the boats soaring. Stars and Stripes ’88 took the Cup using composite materials originally created for aircraft, while New Zealand featured a 17-story-high mast made from advanced plastic materials. Both were harbingers of marine design undreamed of when 19th-century sailors first raced for the “Auld Mug.”

The real plastics revolution in boatbuilding began in the 1940s, when fiberglass hulls made their debut. Boats were sleeker, better looking, more fuel efficient, more maneuverable and easier to maintain. No more long weekends spent scraping and repainting. Plastics, marine designers learned, put the pleasure back into pleasure boating. Plastic Molding Manufacturing if not only for boating but more than transportation area, like auto, industrialetc

Today, boatbuilders looking for strength and lighter weight turn to plastics for sails, rudders, dagger boards, centerboards, slats, spars and wings, as well as hulls.

Cleared for Takeoff

The oil crisis of the ’70s taught the airline industry the same lesson it taught automakers: lightweight plastics save fuel. The oil crunch forced aerospace companies to design aircraft that used less fuel. Translated, that meant more efficient engines, improved aerodynamics and reduced aircraft weight. It also meant a role for plastics.

Today, jet engine manufacturers are increasing their use of plastic materials for the same basic reasons: reliability, efficiency, fuel savings and improved performance. In the interiors and functional parts of aircraft, plastics are meeting more and more design requirements, and as the needs increase, new plastic materials are being created to meet them. In aircraft design and production, plastics are used in the tooling process, cutting costs and enhancing flexibility.

All Systems “Go”

The air and space craft of the next century increasingly will be made of plastics. Commercial aircraft will soar with plastic wings and tails, and small composite planes will flourish.

The military will continue to depend on plastics to create even lighter aircraft with fewer parts and the ability to evade detection. The Stealth bomber, for example, uses composites of graphite-like substances mixed with resins to soak up radar energy and transform it to heat, rather than reflect it. (In a more down-to-earth application, the U.S. Army is using a composite heavy-assault bridge that spans 106 feet, supports 70 tons and folds.)

And plastics are expected to answer many of NASA’s calls for materials to create and perfect high-performance supersonic/hypersonic aircraft, nuclear space power systems and space stations. find a plastic mold from china mold company to solve your issues.