Mold Manufacturer China

HYX MOLD Technologies, founded in 1999, is one of the first Mold Manufacturer China Company, that manufacturers of double injection, overmolding and other type of plastic molds in their factory. HYX MOLD also manufactures optical grade parts such as light pipes and control buttons for electronics and telecommunication products. We have invested in hi-tech thermoforming for In Mold Decorating (IMD) since 2002.

With strong engineering and R&D capabilities, we have successfully developed unique twin and double injection molding processes utilizing rotating tooling. Since 1989, we have produced many varieties of 2-color key caps for HP, Lucent, Avaya (AT&T), and Alcatel.

Recently, over-molding of a soft touch elastomer TPE/TPR/TPU on the rigid plastic resin has become very popular. We have developed the process to combine a rigid plastic core and an elastomer skin. We are currently producing cellular phone housings, knife handles, PDA cases, and digital camera grips, power buttons for Acer, Kodak, Stanley, Bosch & Matsushita, Pioneer & Apple etc.

Our molding machines give us the latitude to produce various sizes of parts using the complex & precision single or multi-cavity molds for medical, industrial & sports parts as well. In 2006, we have successfully developed the deep drawing IMD forming process & IMD + 2K (2 material double injection molding) hybrid technologies to satisfy the customer’s state of Art product design. Our major IMD Applications – Notebook, Top Housing , PDA, POS Bezel, MP4, Keypad … customers as NCR, Zona, Chattanooga.

mold manufacturer china
mold manufacturer china

Company Goals

The primary goal of HYX MOLD Technologies is to work and grow with our customers from product conception, co-design, EDI (earlier design Involved) through the life cycle to improve quality and reduce overall cost. HYX MOLD’s engineering makes it possible to shorten the development cycle by adopting concurrent engineering and product management methodologies.

Utilizing advanced soft wares for mold design and construction, 5 axis cnc machine center of modern toolroom precision molding equipments and China facilities with 10,000 class clean rooms ISO 9001& ISO 13485 quality assurance procedures help HYX MOLD guarantees top quality parts and molds in conformance with our customers’ standards and expectations

We are more professional in double injecion molding or ovemoding, but if you need more than this injection molding service, want other type of plastic molds and molded parts, like auomotive molds and molding parts, electric housing molds and parts, medical plastic parts and molds, we highly recommend you go to to requuire them supporting you, this mold manufacturer China Company will solve your issue.

Euro Mold Show

Euro Mold Show

EuroMold 2002, billed as a “World Fair for Mold Making and Tooling, Design, and Application Development,” will be held December 4–7, 2002 at the Frankfurt Exhibition Center in Frankfurt, Germany. EuroMold is a convenient annual business-to-business shopping bazaar. The theme of this year’s show is “From Design to Prototyping to Series Production.”

Design and engineering companies will display their services as a clustered group in Hall 9.2. This “design+engineering” forum by show management DEMAT GmbH is also the location for exhibitor lectures. Other special features in Hall 9.2 include a corporate stand for companies specializing in virtual product development, a demonstration of the economic advantages to be realized when process-chain participants practice collaborative engineering, and a presentation on new ways of designing, prototyping, and making moulds and tools for product developers in key industries, including the aircraft and automotive sectors.

Exhibitor lectures will run throughout the show in Hall 9.1, focusing on themes such as e-manufacturing in all phases of a product’s life cycle, laser sinter technologies, “Visualization and Collaboration,” and many others. This year there will also be two conferences about rapid tooling.

The tool and mould making sector is the heart of the fair, with over a quarter of exhibitors from this group. This year’s event is also being used by more hard metal and precision toolmakers. Other industries that will have a strong presence at EuroMold 2002 are modeling and prototyping, rapid prototyping, machine tools, software and hardware, engineering, tool supply, design services, and materials.