Aluminium die casting Process

Aluminum is a lightweight alloy that is highly resistant to corrosion, a good conductor of electricity and highly stable. Due to these qualities, it is used for die casting in the industries. Aluminium die casting process is conducted with the help of a die casting machine and a furnace. Die casting machine consists of the shot sleeve, two die halves which are clamped together having a cavity between them, and a piston named as the plunger.

Aluminium die casting process

The part which is to be cast is placed in the cavity. The ingots of aluminum are warmed in the separate furnace and then molted aluminum is poured into the shot sleeve. From short sleeve, it is injected into the cavity with the help of the plunger until the cavity is completely filled. The pressure of injection depends upon the size of the machine. When the molten material is cooled and solidified, die halves are opened and casting is pushed out of the machine by robotic arms, called ejector pins. Die halves are lubricated with water and oil mixture. Die halves are then closed and cycle repeated.

Aluminium die casting
Aluminium die casting

Advantages of aluminium die casting

Non-ferrous metals

Non-ferrous metals are those precious metals that contain the least amount of iron. Aluminum is one of these metals.


Aluminum die casting parts are highly stable in spite of having complex designs thin walls.

Complex design

Aluminum die casting provides complex designs of die parts.  It implies that customers can get the die casting parts of their desired forms and design. Manufacturers will also have a variety of products for sale.

Electric and heat conductivity

Aluminum die cast parts are good conductors of heat and electricity. Heat and electricity conductivity is a crucial factor while taking decision about which metal to utilize for a given purpose.

High resistance to corrosion

Aluminum die casting creates parts high resistance to corrosion. These can be used by manufacturers in the manufacturing of different products.

Lightweight parts

Aluminum die casting creates lightweight parts with no compromise on the strength of the product.


The aluminum die cast parts have an attractive appearance as compared to other metal alloys. In spite of better appearance, these parts are cheaper than others. So the customers get high-quality parts at low price.

Quick production

Aluminum die casting process produces a huge volume of die casting parts rapidly as compared to other casting procedures. Therefore, it is considered as the most efficient process among all processes.


Aluminum die casting is considered as a better process in comparison with other die casting processes due to a number of reasons. Aluminum is lightweight metal, a good conductor of heat and electricity having resistance to corrosion. Aluminum die casting process is a quick procedure that creates die casting parts having lightweight, complex design, good appearance, and high stability.