Why Plastic Mold Company From China

Why Plastic Mold Company From China

When you plan to start your new business with plastic mold and plastic molding parts, then the best way to do is find a plastic mold company from China.

HYX MOLD will tailor a project team to meet your requirements and your available resources. However, based on the success of previous development projects, we recommend that you have a program or project manager, a quality engineering contact and in some cases, a marketing contact.

How can I be sure that my project is moving along, on time and on budget?

HYX MOLD engineering services uses a bi-weekly reporting structure that tracks the following items::

  • Scope
  • Budget
  • Schedule
  • Cost of Goods (COG’s)
  • Critical Milestones
  • Risk Management
  • Materials
  • Resources

By aggressively monitoring these activities and reporting progress both internally and externally with customers on a weekly basis, HYX MOLD is able to design and manufacture products more efficiently.

We have completed the concept and feasibility phase of a new surgical device, and would like HYX MOLD to quote to complete the design for manufacturability and move the device into production manufacturing. What do we need to provide to HYX MOLD to get a quote for these activities?

HYX MOLD would prefer to begin this process with a product requirements document and any design engineering documentation generated to depict the device. In addition, HYX MOLD’s product development team would like to understand any schedule or budget constraints that may have been promised to the stakeholders. Prototypes and/or photos are also helpful. If the documentation, etc. is not available, HYX MOLD can assist in creating this information as part of the project scope.

At what stage of product development can HYX MOLD get involved?

HYX MOLD’s product development team utilizes a three-phase product development process with clearly defined tasks and deliverables for all members of the team. This process allows the HYX MOLD team to begin work at any point during your development plan from initial feasibility studies and concept development to detailed design for manufacturability, validation and transfer.

Can HYX MOLD manage my Device History File (DHF) and Device Master Record (DMR)?

Yes! HYX MOLD has full document and release control capabilities. HYX MOLD has the ability to track both paper and electronic Device History Files (DHF).

What is the advantage of using HYX MOLD for contract design and development as opposed to a contract design firm?

HYX MOLD engineering services group focuses solely on the development of medical devices. The team is multidisciplinary and includes experts in design, analysis, manufacturing, quality, and operations. Process experts from HYX MOLD’s facilities as well as other experts from HYX MOLD’s extensive supply chain provide critical design and manufacturing input throughout the development process. These individuals have extensive experience in transitioning their designs to the HYX MOLD facilities, thus shortening development time and minimizing risks associated with manufacturing transfers.

How will the HYX MOLD team interface with our engineers, and what will be their responsibility?

Each project has its own specific challenges and resource requirements; when partnering with HYX MOLD, all projects begin with a kick-off meeting. During this meeting, the project team structure, roles and responsibilities are clearly defined and resources are assigned from HYX MOLD, as well as your organization. Communication channels are clearly defined for routine activities, as well as regular updates of project scope, budget and timeline. Escalation plans are established so that issues can be resolved quickly and effectively. It is the responsibility of the HYX MOLD Program Manager to set up the interface structure with the customer, and ensure that the team dynamics contribute to a successful project and a satisfied customer. HYX MOLD utilizes “best practices” to provide complete program management, ensuring timely and successful project outcomes.

Will I have to provide quality engineering and design control functions for the HYX MOLD team?

No. That is not necessary. HYX MOLD has quality engineering expertise on staff. quality engineering works collaboratively with HYX MOLD engineering services. All HYX MOLD quality engineers are trained, well versed, and follow ISO 13485 / FDA 21 CFR 820 requirements.

What technical skills does HYX MOLD have?

HYX MOLD employs a multidisciplinary team with experience in project management, mechanical design, design for manufacture and assembly, manufacturing, and quality engineering. In addition, HYX MOLD has established a network of technical and product specialists to support the Company’s services. HYX MOLD’s process experts located across multiple manufacturing sites ensure that the resulting design can be produced using capable processes.

What is your project team structure?

Each engineering services project team consists of a Program Manager and the appropriate engineering disciplines specific to your project needs. Because HYX MOLD’s engineering services is a matrix organization, the Company has the ability to adapt to various project scope.

What are some of your success stories? Do you have any references that I can call?

Upon request, HYX MOLD will be pleased to provide more detailed information in regards to the Company’s “Design for Process Excellence” program; this information will be crafted to provide additional details of the program, without compromising the confidential nature of customer relationships.

Plastic Injection Molding

We have been involved in plastic injection molding since 1999 and manufacture a wide range of products, including products to client specifications. Our manufacturing facility is based in China, where we have a wide range of machinery to suit your plastic injection molding needs. We have a fully-equipped Plastic Mold making room, with highly qualified contract toolmakers to satisfy any plastic injection molds needs you may have.

As a well-established plastic injection moulding business, we consider ourselves leaders in the moulding of a wide variety of plastic molding parts, including items such as rulers, pencil cases, ice buckets, lip-balm tubes, irrigation parts and many more.

We also have a number of clients who provide us with the moulds to manufacture exclusively for them.

Our experience and expertise in the manufacture and maintenance of tooling and moulds as well as high-quality machinery and production techniques makes us the right choice to satisfy your plastic injection moulding project requirements.

plastic injection moulding
plastic injection moulding

We pride ourselves on outstanding service and quality.

Call us and we will assist you with your plastic injection moulding needs, from drawing board to final products.

We offer below service

Injection Molding Solutions: HYX MOLD, is a fully service plastic mold and injection molding compay. Providing services from product inception and design- helping you get your ideas from informal to formal media. From there to tool building – making a precision mold of your product and completing the molding process. All the while, our top notch quality program will ensure the best finished product.

Injection Moulding: Injection moulding requires that plastic pellets be melted and then forced into the mould cavity. The plastification of the material in the barrel usually is facilitated by sheer and friction from a rotating screw that also feeds in new material. In thermoplastics the material is cooled in the mold until it can be ejected.

Fully AutomaticFully automatic molds run with no operator. They may utilize a variety of mechanical devices to facilitate part removal such as mold sweeps, air blasts or sprue pickers. They may contain core pulls, cams to remove undercuts, multiple plates, hot runner or insulated runner systems, unscrewing devices or any number of devices and techniques to improve efficiency.

Semi-automatic & Hand operated: Semi-automatic molds are typically mounted in the press and require an operator only to perform a specific operation of the cycle (i.e., remove a core, place an insert, remove the part from an undercut). Hand operated molds require an operator to physically remove the mold from the press and disassemble it to remove the molded part. They are used for very small quantities or parts that have undercuts, threads or other complicated features.

Prototype Tools: Prototype tools can produce thousands of parts and, if shrinkage is not a factor, a variety of materials can be tested. Modifying a prototype tool costs substantially less than the cost to change a production tool. Make your changes in this development phase, not after the parts go into production.

Compression Molding: Compression molding involves a heated mold in which the material charge is placed into the mold (often having been preheated) and the mold halves compress the material into shape.

Transfer Molding: Transfer molding is a process largely reserved for thermosets in which (much like the injection process) preheated material is transferred with a plunger into the closed mold cavity.

Pressure Forming: Pressure forming can refer to many materials and processes.

Call us and we will assist you with your plastic injection moulding needs, from drawing board to final product.

Plsatic Injection molding Company

Established in the year 2005, we, HYX MOLD., is one of the Plastic Injection Molding Company that manufacturers, suppliers, and exporters of Plstic molds, plastic molded parts, CNC machining parts, 3D printing parts,water level control systems. Proper use of raw material such as stainless steel and plastic parts has enabled us to manufacture our products as per international quality standards. These precisely engineered products are high in demand due to negligible maintenance and high performance. Further, we are also engaged in selling and purchasing new as well as used plastic machines. According to the need of clients, we also source machines from any part of the world.

Plastic Mold
Plastic Mold

We are backed by a robust manufacturing unit that is equipped with drilling, grinding and cutting machines. Our professionals are well-versed with the operations of these machines and help us in producing products as per the requirements of our respected clients. Further, we provide regular training to our professionals so that they can undertake refurbishing and retrofitting of injection molding machines with ease and accuracy.

We are headed by our chairman Mike Zheng, whose business insight has enabled us to establish strong presence in the market. Owing to his 11 years of immense industry experience and in-depth knowledge, we have garnered huge clientele in China.

Service Portfolio

Apart from manufacturing water level control systems, we also provide various services to our clients. These services are undertaken by experts, who use latest tools & equipment to assure timely execution of these services. Our continuum of services is appreciated by clients not only for flexibility but also for reliability.

We offer following services:

Apart from the above mentioned services, we are also engaged in selling and purchasing of new and used plastic machines.

Our Manufacturing Unit

Our state-of-the-art manufacturing unit that assists us in achieving organizational goals within short time frame. Fitted with modern machines and equipment, our manufacturing unit is spread over an area of 2,000 square feet and enables us to achieve massive production capacity of 500,000 units.

We use following machines at our manufacturing unit:

  • Cutting machine
  • Drilling machine
  • Grinding machine
  • CNC Machine
  • Injection Molding machine
  • Plastic mold making equipment

These machines help our professionals to manufacture products as per the specific requirements of our clients. Further, we regularly lubricate and oil these machines to maintain uniform rate of production.

Our Team

Our commendable position in the industry is the result of the perseverant efforts of our assiduous professionals. They work in sync with each other and make full use of optimum resources to manufacture flawless range of water level control system. Owing to the combined efforts of our professionals, we are able to fulfill ever increasing demands of various industries.

Our team includes:

  • Engineers
  • Technicians
  • Quality controllers
  • Research associates
  • Sales and marketing professional
  • Marketing representatives

These professionals assist us in producing products as per the specifications given by our clients. With the constant support of these professionals, we also provide refurbishing and retrofitting service for injection molding machines.

Research and Development

We gave developed a sophisticated research and development unit to manufacture technologically advanced range of water level control system. This unit helps our research associates to diversify our range of products. Our researchers conduct thorough research activities not only to find cost effective manufacturing techniques but also to improve the product’s design. Further, our researchers also carry out various market surveys to assure that our entire range is fairly priced in the domestic market. Due to the relentless efforts of our researchers, we always come out with the best solution to client’s problems.

Our Quality Assurance

Success of any organizational depends upon the quality of its products and services. We understand this and therefore, adhere to stringent quality norms while manufacturing water level control systems and executing retrofitting & refurbishing services. We have also appointed a team of quality experts, which assures that the stainless steel, plastic and other raw material are procured from trustworthy vendors of the industry. With the help of quality testing unit, our experts check the manufactured as well as sourced products on following parameters:

  • Durability
  • Test leakage
  • Tensile strength
  • Resistance to corrosion
  • Toughness
  • Electrical properties

Further, we also conduct leakage test on our range to assure the flow of best quality products from our premises.

Client Satisfaction

Gaining utmost satisfaction of our clients has always been our first priority therefore, we make sure that our range of water level control systems are manufactured as per their requirements. To assure that our range matches with desired quality norms, we make use of quality tested raw material such as stainless steel and plastic. We have also set up a modern research & development unit that helps us in catering to changing needs of our clients.

 We also maintain an efficient communication system so that the suggestions and opinions of clients can be used in enhancing the quality of our products. Further, we facilitate our clients with easy payment modes such as cash and demand draft so that our clients do not face any problem while conducting financial transactions with us.

Why Us?

Our presence in the industry has been possible due to our unrelenting efforts to meet the requirements of our clients. Following are some of the factors that enable us to stand apart from our competitors:

  • Use of tested raw material in manufacturing processes
  • Expertise & technical abilities to absorb fresh technologies
  • Modern infrastructure facility
  • Qualified team of professionals
  • Customized solutions

Mold Manufacturer China

HYX MOLD Technologies, founded in 1999, is one of the first Mold Manufacturer China Company, that manufacturers of double injection, overmolding and other type of plastic molds in their factory. HYX MOLD also manufactures optical grade parts such as light pipes and control buttons for electronics and telecommunication products. We have invested in hi-tech thermoforming for In Mold Decorating (IMD) since 2002.

With strong engineering and R&D capabilities, we have successfully developed unique twin and double injection molding processes utilizing rotating tooling. Since 1989, we have produced many varieties of 2-color key caps for HP, Lucent, Avaya (AT&T), and Alcatel.

Recently, over-molding of a soft touch elastomer TPE/TPR/TPU on the rigid plastic resin has become very popular. We have developed the process to combine a rigid plastic core and an elastomer skin. We are currently producing cellular phone housings, knife handles, PDA cases, and digital camera grips, power buttons for Acer, Kodak, Stanley, Bosch & Matsushita, Pioneer & Apple etc.

Our molding machines give us the latitude to produce various sizes of parts using the complex & precision single or multi-cavity molds for medical, industrial & sports parts as well. In 2006, we have successfully developed the deep drawing IMD forming process & IMD + 2K (2 material double injection molding) hybrid technologies to satisfy the customer’s state of Art product design. Our major IMD Applications – Notebook, Top Housing , PDA, POS Bezel, MP4, Keypad … customers as NCR, Zona, Chattanooga.

mold manufacturer china
mold manufacturer china

Company Goals

The primary goal of HYX MOLD Technologies is to work and grow with our customers from product conception, co-design, EDI (earlier design Involved) through the life cycle to improve quality and reduce overall cost. HYX MOLD’s engineering makes it possible to shorten the development cycle by adopting concurrent engineering and product management methodologies.

Utilizing advanced soft wares for mold design and construction, 5 axis cnc machine center of modern toolroom precision molding equipments and China facilities with 10,000 class clean rooms ISO 9001& ISO 13485 quality assurance procedures help HYX MOLD guarantees top quality parts and molds in conformance with our customers’ standards and expectations

We are more professional in double injecion molding or ovemoding, but if you need more than this injection molding service, want other type of plastic molds and molded parts, like auomotive molds and molding parts, electric housing molds and parts, medical plastic parts and molds, we highly recommend you go to https://www.plasticmold.net/ to requuire them supporting you, this mold manufacturer China Company will solve your issue.